Black Capital (Pty) Limited

A focus on Investment in Black-Owned Mining, Infrastructure, Agriculture & Related Business

The Bunengi Group recognises both the need and the opportunity to catalyse business development and to transform business ownership and management by placing it in black hands, and importantly providing essential mentorship and guidance in respect of the adoption of proven success-orientated business principles and skill sets.

Mindful of these tenets, the Bunengi Group, via its Black Capital business unit, intends to identify and directly invest in credible emergent black-owned businesses across the African Continent in the fields of mining, infrastructure, industrial manufacturing, and agriculture.
Black Capital will also entertain investing in business that may not be directly located in these specific business categories, but which are in reasonably related fields.

Led by a multidisciplinary team of experienced deal makers, finance professionals and operational executives, BH partners with shareholders and management to structure effective transactions that unlock value in investee businesses. All the while, we seek to create jobs and provide greater investment in industrialisation and beneficiation.‚Äč

  • BH aims to create value for stakeholders and investors while improving the lives of the communities and developing economies in the countries where our investments operate.
  • We focus on acquiring and building businesses in strategic sectors of the economy including to support Africa’s development needs.
  • We also seek investments in businesses that will benefit from our advisory services and strategic partnerships.
  • Our focus is sub-Saharan Africa, where our extensive networks and experience gives us a unique position.
  • South African investments are augmented by our strong empowerment credentials.

Black Capital’s Procurement division is headed by procurement professionals experienced in executing large government and private supply contracts.

We offer clients an outsourced procurement service that enables them to focus on other critical elements of their business while we take care of ensuring inputs arrive at price and on time.

As we are a 100% black women-owned group, clients receive the maximum number of Preferential Procurement points from their spend with us.

Black Capital is therefore well positioned to assist companies in making the change to a more transparent and professional procurement environment whilst solving their BEE Preferential Procurement challenges.