Bunengi Group

A focus on Mining, Infrastructure & Industry

The Bunengi Group has adopted a balanced investment strategy with an investment holdings portfolio that is split into more-or-less broadly equivalent pillars comprising the related worlds of mining, infrastructure and industry and has built a considerable depth of industry knowledge and experience over many years in each of these investment verticals.

Bunengi Holdings (Pty) Limited, the foundational entity of the Bunengi Group, has a long and storied involvement in the mining sector harking back to its founding in 2004, with an initial investment in Yserfontein Coal Mine, one of the very first black-owned mining properties in South Africa.

Since then, the Bunengi Group has evolved and expanded its mining interests to now include substantial holdings in both the cobalt and copper mining sectors, both of which are vital primary resources for global industry in the long term.

Investment holdings & strategic interests

Bunengi Holdings (Pty) Limited holds the following investment and strategic interests in the following entities:

Bunengi Holdings is a longstanding and substantial shareholder in South Africa’s dominant construction and civil engineering company, WBHO Limited.

Additionally, Bunengi Group CEO, Savannah Maziya has served on the Board of WBHO for many years and has been integral to the long-term success of WBHO.

Bunengi Holdings holds a shareholding in global listed technology company Cisco Systems on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange.

This shareholding is intended both for strategic and investment purposes and will assist the Bunengi Group in the furtherance of its broader business objectives in the future.

Underlying its prominence and influence in the mining, construction, engineering and infrastructural sectors, Bunengi Group CEO Savannah Maziya currently holds the Executive Chair of WSP Africa. WSP is one of the world’s largest and most respected consultant engineering firms, with its African business unit WSP Africa being a highly influential and indeed, an essential player in the infrastructural development sector across the African Continent.

WSP constitutes a strategic knowledge base and an aggregation of relevant professional engineering expertise that is vital to many of the businesses and projects that the Bunengi Groups Operating Divisions and Business Units are involved in, and therefore values the special and close relationship that it enjoys with WSP Africa.

Finally, Bunengi Holdings holds an important strategic stake in Deton Engineering, a South African domiciled company that provides bespoke solutions for the mining industry, and also has significant capabilities for the fabrication and manufacturing of engineering products.

This shareholding helps to solidify the increasingly influential role that the Bunengi Group intends to fulfil in the mining, construction, and engineering sectors.

directly held and wholly owned subsidiaries

Our directly held and wholly owned subsidiaries comprise the following Business Units:

Mining & Infrastructure

Transport Systems

Steel Products & Industrial Services

Chemicals, Management & Procurement Management

Sectoral Investments

STEM Initiatives