A focus on investment

The recently formed Bunengi Holdings (BH). BH is one of Africa’s prominent 100% black women-owned investment groups, focusing on the acquisition and development of real assets and great businesses.

BH structures BEE ownership transactions and acquisitions in companies across various sectors in Africa.
BH has a significant track record of successful investments and transactions and specializes in developing projects from inception to their ultimate profitable disposal.


BH has a deep-rooted history of investing and managing successful mining ventures in Southern Africa. We aim to expand our mining investments across the African continent through strategic partnerships with local management teams, industry and governments. Our main investment focus is on near production and brownfield projects, beneficiation and expansion of operating mines through significant minority or majority equity positions.


BH is passionate about investing in infrastructure projects in developing economies. We recently established a project development division, named Bunengi Infrastructure, to focus on the SkyTrain (TM) project and seek out other infrastructure projects that fit our investment criteria and philosophy. The SkyTrain (TM) project is a unique elevated light rail project that aims to provide an alternative mode of transportation to the residents of Accra, Ghana. Click here to learn more about the SkyTrain (TM) project and BH’s experience and interest in the infrastructure sector.


BH identifies and invests in:

  • Oil, gas and uranium projects, moving them up the value curve with a view to partnering with major producers to bring them into production.
  • Power generation with a view to producing cost-effective energy to facilitate the growth of developing economies.

Agriculture investments have the potential to alleviate poverty, support food security, create jobs and provide long-term suitable inflation-linked returns. Global population growth will drive investments into African agriculture, where the majority of the world’s remaining arable land is situated.


The industrialisation of Africa is key to job creation. BH is well positioned to support government’s Black Industrialists Policy by making investments into businesses seeking to transform and be supported by BH’s advisory division.