The Bunengi Group is a highly respected, well-established, and broadly diversified black-woman-owned enterprise headquartered in the very heart of Africa’s richest square mile. The Sandton Precinct in Johannesburg, South Africa, is the very epicentre of the pan-African Continental economy.

The connectivity, vibrancy and economic power concentrated in this unique location has been an essential factor that, when combined with the dynamic ethos and entrepreneurial pedigree of the Bunengi Group, has contributed to the sustained success and the creation of substantial shareholder value over time.

The Bunengi Group operates extensively across the entire African Continent via its constellation of wholly owned subsidiary companies and its portfolio of key strategic investments.

The strategic intent of the Bunengi Group is focussed on investing, developing and growing afro-centric businesses that are capable of making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the economic development and prosperity of the African Continent and its people. In particular, the Bunengi Group has a strong and committed affinity for facilitating the economic emancipation, growth, and economic upliftment of young black women, particularly in the world of science, technology, engineering and infrastructural development.

As an overarching business objective, the Bunengi Group is committed to driving meaningful transformation to black ownership and managerial control within the mining, industrial manufacturing, construction and infrastructural development industries.
The Bunengi Group maintains a Level 2 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) rating which evidences its sustained commitment to the development and advancement of historically disadvantaged individuals.

The Bunengi Group, since its founding in 2004 has been led by its inspirational Chief Executive Officer, supported by a dedicated team of executives and a cadre of highly professional and competent managers that, collectively, have demonstrated a proven capacity to operate high-quality, profitable and value-additive businesses.


We are the sum of our collective passions, vision and expertise.
Our people, our purposes, our businesses and the stories that have shaped them and our organization as we are today and the inspiring organization that we are yet to become, are presented here for you to discover and to learn more about us.


We believe in the power of business to make profits and to direct those profits for the purpose of effecting meaningful and sustainable change for the better. We believe in the African Century that lies ahead and that Africa’s time has come, we are therefore wholly and irrevocably committed to making our Continent into the success story that it deserves to be. We believe in hiring the best and the brightest and to retain the best managers, professionals, and staff in our various fields of endeavour because this is what makes us great and keeps us great. We believe in applying and living by the highest ethical standards and putting those standards at the centre of all we do.

 We believe that professionalism must be inherent in everything that we do and that we offer. We believe that we must always be humble and act with moral and intellectual integrity, keep our word, treat everyone with respect, support our colleagues, and embrace diversity. We believe that we must care about individuals and their progress and offer the most fulfilling career development for our management, our professionals, and our staff. We believe that we must provide a fair and equitable return on investment to our shareholders and other stakeholders. Above all we believe in being good, having fun and making a difference.


A focus on Mining, Infrastructure & Industry

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