Livifusion (Pty) Limited

A focus on the Chemical Industry, Project Management & Procurement Management

Livifusion has a long history of the successful management and delivery of sophisticated and procedurally complex Project Management Assignments, which until recently was the key focus of its business.

The Livifusion management team has determined that it has the necessary expertise, capability and capacity to expand its business focus to include the offer of bespoke Procurement Management Services to both corporate and public-sector clients across the African Continent.
It is certain that this new service offering will dramatically expand and enhance the Livifusion business.

Importantly, and as a third aspect to the Livifusion business, the company has resolved that it will take on selected Distribution Agency Agreements with manufacturers and product / service vendors that are congruent with the overarching focus of the Bunengi Group, being predominantly in the related arenas of mining, construction, engineering, and infrastructural development.

The first Agency Agreement pursuant to this new stratagem adopted for the Livifusion business is an Agency Distribution Agreement with AECI Chemicals, one of Africa’s foremost chemical manufacturers with product offerings that span five (5) distinct product verticals, viz. Industrial Chemicals; Speciality Chemicals; Food & Beverage Chemicals; Asphalt; and Fibres.

Livifusion now holds the commercial rights to market and sell all of these products to customers in South Africa and across the African Continent.


Livifusion’s BEE Advisory division offers clients sustainable BEE solutions tailored to align with their business model and objectives. We advise on large BEE scorecard optimisation projects for major multinationals, across industries, ultimately driving down the cost of compliance, improving transformation and optimising their BEE market position.

We have

  • the experience,
  • the best practice and deep industry knowledge, and
  • strong regulatory body and industry networks

to help clients navigate BEE successfully within a changing legislative environment.

We add value to underlying investments by:

  • ​designing and building the optimal BEE ownership structure to enable full growth potential.
  • providing board representation to improve governance structures and BEE credentials.
  • developing cost effective BEE strategies and plans to augment our ownership offering.
  • applying capital markets expertise, negotiating with potential lenders, raising capital and unlocking domestic capital pools to fund growth,
  • providing strategic input, unlocking business opportunities and markets, and assisting with government, State Owned Entities (SOEs), regulator and stakeholder engagements.