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A focus on Transport Systems

The Bunengi Group recently made a key acquisition of the Vital Group in order to establish a growth position in the market for the transportation of personnel. Typically, this has historically aligned with the provision of on-site staff, worker, and guest bus transportation services for corporate clients, in respect of which the Vital-Group has a superb reputation for the delivery of.

However, in future, the Vital Group, with the support of the Bunengi Group, intends to expand its scope of operation to proving transport solutions to additional sector sub-verticals, including, inter alia, the explosives manufacturing industry, the mining sector, the construction industry, the hospitality industry, student transport and various other industries.

Additionally, the Bunengi Group, via the Vital-Group, intends to introduce and add various new transport-modes to its market offering, and anticipates very substantial growth opportunities.


We offer a combination of intuitive understanding of government’s drivers, influencers and objectives, and 15 years of worldwide experience in public and private capital investment programs. We are suitably equipped to provide our clients and partners with a depth of knowledge to ensure the successful delivery of projects as well as complex programmes.


Sub-Saharan Africa


SkyTrain (TM​)


Bunengi Holdings has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place with SkyTrain (TM). We are securing the funding for a bankable feasibility study to raise development capital to build, operate, manage and maintain the SkyTrain (TM) in Accra, Ghana.

Bunengi Holdings is looking for opportunities throughout the African continent for this elevated passenger rail system.



The SkyTrain (TM) is a much-needed rapid transit system that will serve the African people and business.

The project aims to build an elevated light rail network that is quick, clean, comfortable and an affordable means of transportation.

Designed to accommodate present and future transit demands, the SkyTrain (TM) will be an efficient and flexible rapid transit system that can be constructed for lower capital costs and, above all, cost-effective operation and maintenance.

​Read more about the SkyTrain (TM) project here.



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